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Friuno lets you easily control, monitor, and secure your home from anywhere in the world

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About Project

Friuno is an customisable home automation control system that allows you to control virtually any device in home or commercial or industrial buildings
Monitor devices usage periodically and view it on your smartphone


We build the product with high end technologies at an affordable cost using various modules so that device remains stable at any circumstances


Why Smart SwitchBoard?

Normally we all use normal switchboards at our home to control all device and appliance.Nowadays we even see smart devices coming up that can also be controlled remotely but the thing is that how do we manage all these things at one place?

So far that we are introducing a smart switchboard by which you can replace your normal switchboard with this smart switchboard and then control all the existing devices from anywhere without changing the wiring of the room. Each and every device at your room can be controlled from your smartphone

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What is Central Unit?

It is the main component of the product.It is used to manage all your smart switchboards from every room across your home,so that it allows us to access remotely via your phone.It consists of a master bluetooth,wifi,and gsm module to give access to the user to control virtually.The unit acts as a MASTER and all the smart switchboard connected to it acts as SLAVE.

The smartphone app acts as the instructor.The app is connected to the central unit via Bluetooth or Internet.Bluetooth can be used for shorter range(i.e inside home) and Internet for remote access.We used high class bluetooth module so that you get range of about 500-700m.The user access the device connected to the switchboard via the app,the app then transmits the command to the central unit via the selected connection mode.Once the central unit receives the command,it redirects the command to the particular switchboard and then switchboard takes the necessary action.

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About Us

FRIUNO, a product developed to provide personalized automation and control solution, allows you to control virtually any device in a home or commerical or industrial buildings automatically.

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